Thursday, April 7, 2022

Secret Jackalope 2022 - Heavenly Mutations

     For Secret Jackalope 2022, I got the following prompt:

Mutation table for exposure to heavenly radiations

    Hopefully this little post is enough to fuel your imagination.


The Sun shines a bit too brightly…

1d6 Heavenly Mutations
  1. A glowing third eye grows in your forehead. Perk: When opened as an action, it casts light as a torch and may perceive spells and magical creatures within 100’. Drawback: When the eye is opened, creatures that can perceive magic can sense the eye if they are within 100’.
  2. A blade of celestial steel grows out of one of your arms. Perk: You now have an unbreakable longsword-arm that deals extra damage to demons. Drawback: You lose one of your hands, which means you can carry less stuff.
  3. Your blood becomes blessed. Perk: Any living creature that drinks your blood regains health equivalent to a healing potion. Drawback: Obviously, in order to access this blood, you must take damage.
  4. Wings of light sprout from your back. Perk: The wings constantly cast light as a torch and let you fly 60’ per action. Drawback: Take 1 Exhaustion whenever you fly as an action.
  5. Your head is transfigured into a lion’s head. Perk: Enemies have Disadvantage on Morale checks when facing you. Drawback: You have Disadvantage when rolling for an NPC’s Reaction.
  6. Blood-etched scripture dances on your tongue. Perk: You can speak to all celestials and be regarded with some respect by them. Drawback: Blood flows from your mouth when you speak the language of the heavens; you take 1 damage for each sentence you speak in the celestial tongue.

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